How It All Started

GeoCities. Circa 1996. That’s what ignited the flame. Hundreds of hours were spent tinkering with HTML, animated GIFs, and Netscape Navigator on a Power Macintosh somewhere in a dark corner of rural Ohio. Armed with skills that only a teenager with unlimited amount of free time could possibly wield, I landed my first job as a web designer working for the City of Springfield, Ohio. That was 1998, and by the time I had finished my tenure and was ready for college, I knew that I had just gotten a head-start on a great career.

My education at Purdue was an amazing experience, being that the program which I studied emphasized theory rather than specific software applications. Learning to justify my design decisions was the most important lesson from my five-year adventure, and has had a startling impact on how I approach problem-solving.

Since my career has been built by working for flexible, small companies, I’ve worn many hats—Web Designer, Multimedia Developer, Graphic Designer, Creative Director, and UX Designer. Along the way, my process for building digital experiences has continually been adapted and revised depending on the advances in technology, trends, and other factors that help me build more effective products.

What am I most interested in right now?

I want to build great experiences that keep bringing people back for more. It doesn’t matter what the platform is: whether that be iOS, Windows, the web, or any number of offline interactions one can have. I want to make those experiences as successful and memorable as they can possibly be.

In My Off Time

I live a largely private life, but while doing so I enjoy music, technology news, space exploration, PC gaming, social events, cooking, photography, backpacking and Swedish fika.